I have been working online since 2010, and my ultimate goal was always to learn How to Make Money Online for Free.
I knew that with 3 billion-plus people online there had to be a way for me to do this? I have never considered myself to be a genius by any stretch of the imagination. That said, I also knew that I was nobody’s fool either.

In college, I majored in Accounting and Business Management. I also tutored in 4 courses; stayed on the Dean’s list for two years, and left with a 3.8 GPA after getting an 89 on a Management test, which ultimately took away from my perfect 4.0 GPA.

Now I said all of that, to say this. Even though I had some book smarts, I could see that this whole internet thing was an entirely different creature altogether. I wish I had majored in computer science instead, but I’m not sure that would have made that much difference? Besides, I’ve never heard of a “How to make money online for free” course?

How to make money on your computer

Remember, even as we speak, the internet is virtually unprotected, for the most part? Please don’t test this by making any hypothetical threats, or anything like that, because you may very well have Homeland Security at your front door!

Yes, they do monitor what is being said on the world wide web. Just like us marketers use keywords for content. They key in on certain words and phrases that trigger their security sensors. But as you may already know there is also no shortage of distasteful things online. Which is why there are parental safeguards to help parents monitor the things that are often not monitored for us.

It is now 2019, and I have quite literally never stopped trying to learn everything I possibly could about making money online from home. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars chasing every shiny new tool, ebook, software program, webinar’s, mentors, coaches, etc, that I could get my hands on! After all of my tireless searching, and studying, and failing repeatedly, I am happy to announce that I have finally found what I was looking for.

Now before I tell you exactly what it is that I am talking about, I really need to explain something to you. I am quite literally, a product of my environment. As a result, I have some real trust issues, and I thought it only fair to tell you that. Otherwise, how else could I explain waiting for almost two years before finally coming to terms with the realization of this great opportunity sitting smack dab in front of me all this time, while I did nothing?

If someone tells you there is a hole in the seat of your pants, you should probably take a look

Not only had this great opportunity been staring me in the face for twenty months, but I was also a member. That’s not even the worst of it. You see, I knew in the back of my mind, that this place where everyone seemed so involved and committed, was the real thing! I just knew it?

I found myself actually trying to find fault with this place so that I would not have to commit myself wholeheartedly. So the thing I had been searching for all of these years, which was, How to Make Money Online for Free, was not only right here, I was already a member!

I spent most of my life in a city where anything goes, so to speak. In other words, you just might see anything happening on any given day. The underbelly of any big city is a nasty dirty place! Growing up around all of that negativity leaves a mark. The problem was that I had no idea that I had that mark on me! Several times I left the membership, I didn’t quit, I just never showed up. For months at a time, I would just go my separate way, and I never even gave it a thought.

When I came back to WA (i.e. Wealthy Affiliate) I looked around at all the things they had to offer, but I never got seriously involved with the program?

I never built my first website, or went through any of their training, or engaged in conversation with any of their members, or the founders of the site who are there on a regular basis. Honestly, I had it in my head that if it looked too good to be true then it probably was! Talk about being wrong? How do two left feet sound? Exactly, wrong, and so was I.

It wasn’t until I received an email from someone that turned out to be a member of WA too, that a lightbulb finally went on in my head. It was a combination of things he said about the place, as well as, the way his website looked, that really opened my eyes. You see, I take pride in my websites because I build them myself, and I saw that same pride taken in the construction, as well as, the content, of this guy’s website.

Hook line and sinker, Wealthy Affiliate

You got it, I upgraded my account, rolled up my sleeves, and got busy learning the WA version of How to Make Money Online for Free. If you’re wondering why I say for FREE, it’s because you can remain a free member if you want. Plus, I have been all over this internet checking out marketing programs of all kinds and one thing was always the same. A very large price tag!

Look, If I had thousands of dollars to spend on a marketing program I would probably have never even started any of this? Not to mention, the obvious, I wouldn’t have cared if they were free or not if I had a pocket full of money? But I didn’t, I had just gone through some major health issues that cost me dearly, as well as, another business I had partnered in. So for me, free was an option I desperately needed.

Now I am so glad that I made this choice, otherwise, I would have probably lost even more money that I didn’t have on other programs that either don’t work, or not nearly as well as this one.

Hear that sound in the distance? It’s your destiny calling to you

I have never been the pushy type when it comes to sales. It’s just not who I am. I believe in the old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it”. Truer words were never spoken.

Now I have told you my story with regards to Wealthy Affiliate, but you have to decide if you’re ready to start your online business or not? I know without reservation that this program is not only priced more than fairly, it also works!

Now I am 64 years old and I have been around the block more than a few times, I promise you that. However, there are not all that many things online that I would hang my hat on, and my word, when I say it works! Wealthy Affiliate is a good company run by good people. If it wasn’t, I would not be a member, and I sure wouldn’t be writing this article, and you can take that to the bank!

In closing, let me just leave you with this, I started this website after I upgraded my account on 7/3/2019. As you can see I am still just adding pages of content to it which is an ongoing process with a blog site.

The site has already been indexed by Google and has been for weeks. I have had the following statistics so far:

30 Days Insights for Your Website: Sessions-120 Pageviews-1434 Avg. Duration-4m 57s
Bounce Rate-0.83%

I am actually a bit surprised? I thought that it would be several months before anything started to happen. I hardly have anything on the site yet, but I have been following the training to the letter at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been using Jaxxy, our Keyword Research Software, and it is awesome! I’m hooked already and I can see some brighter days ahead.

I hope I see you there, I mean it doesn’t cost anything to look, all you need is your name and an email address and that is it. If you like what you see then you stay, maybe you will be like me and really get hooked. I honestly hope so, it would be awesome knowing that I helped to change someone’s future in a really big way!

Hope to see you at the top!