Many of us would love nothing more than to be Making Money Online From Home. To some of us who have actually achieved that level of success, no matter how big or small, we understand that making your first money online is a very uplifting experience.

For myself, I think that the thing that struck me the most was that I was nowhere near my computer when the money was made. Truth be told, I’m pretty sure I was sleeping at the time that my very first sale was made. HOW COOL IS THAT? I was hooked at that point. There was no turning back for me.

Affiliate Marketing is one very lucrative method

One of the reasons that Affiliate Marketing is so popular is because you do not have to have your own product.

That’s what affiliate marketers do, they sell someone else products or services for a commission on the sale. I know personally, in the beginning, not having my own product used to really bother me.

The more I learned online the more I realized that not having my own product or services meant a lot fewer headaches and work, plus, no oversight, no manufacturing of anything, I put up an article with a link to the product and when someone clicks on that link it takes them to the products page where they will either make a purchase or not?

Either way, my job there is finished. I do not have to touch anything or do anything. No phone calls, no selling, or shipping, nothing, except check my accounts to see if I have had any sales?

Now you must realize that there are some things that are sold online digitally that are absolutely awesome. I say awesome because when you really think about it, the people that create an app for instance. They write the code for an app to do a certain function that makes life easier for a group of people that use that service.

For example, say I create a game that you play on your phone. Now once I have written the code my jobs done. My app can now be sold by affiliate marketers all over the internet. I may get half of whatever I decide to sell it for. I have nothing to handle or ship, it’s a clean way to make a few bucks. It can be downloaded over and over again. No inventory, no materials, no postage, or shipping costs. Also, in many cases no other employees to get paid or share in the profits.

Remember, I used that little example just to show how it’s done. If I created a Cyber Security software package it may cost several hundred dollars or more. Again, I have nothing to handle, my product is made up of several pages of computer coding.

Now that it has been created it can be downloaded over and over again. Depending on your level of expertise and the niche you are in, Making Money Online can be incredibly lucrative for everyone involved. From the creator to the affiliate marketers, everyone gets a piece of the pie.

However, with my last example of the Security software, the creator may have to put his creation on a disc and package it in a box with the plastic disc holder inside. Even so, for what he will make back in profit the packaging for a disc would be a small price to pay.

Blogging is another very popular way of Making Money Online

I think everyone has heard of blogging. Blogging is very popular because people love to talk about themselves, and the things they like to do, or places they go, or something they create. Whatever the case may be, blogging is an easy way to communicate with people in several ways.

On a blog, you can, of course, write what you want to share. You also have the option of doing videos of your favorite thing to do, or you could use photographs of your hobby or passion. Don’t forget podcasts also, you can simply talk about your interest while it’s being recorded and you can do it in your birthday suit or your tuxedo?

The choice is all yours, when you are working online you can do it anywhere you have internet access and a computer or even a smartphone.

Another thing I like about blogging is the fact that you can really grow your site into a powerhouse! Think about all the pages of content you would have after having your blog for two or three years. All of those different keywords on all of those pages!

Now check this out, think about all the internal linking power in your blog. What I mean is this, all of those keywords, and longtail keyword phrases will undoubtedly coincide with information on some of your other posts. Such as, say you mention affiliate marketing in your article. You create a hyperlink, like this, with the term affiliate marketing and you link the term to one of your pages that goes more in-depth about that subject.

See Google tracks all of that kind of activity. To them, it’s simply great content that is relevant to what the person was searching for on Google. Your little blog will continue to grow and grow in pages, great content, and your Pagerank will continue to grow also.


Yes, there are countless ways to Make Easy Money Online, what about email?

Many people don’t know this, but email marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to Make Quick Money Online! As a matter of fact, online in the marketing community, the phrase “The Money is in The List” refers to your email marketing customer list.
I have known people online with hundreds of thousands of names and email addresses.

When you capture someone’s name and email address online during any kind of transaction and that person knowingly gave you their email address so you could send them offers on occasion. That protects you from being targeted for spam mail. Google can pretty much have you shut down for spamming people.

That’s why many people have you give your email address and then click on a link that is emailed to you to confirm that this is, in fact, your email address and that confirms that you have given them permission to email you.

Now you set up your autoresponder at whatever email company you work with. The autoresponder is software that sends email to everyone on your list at a specific date and time. You could get one email a month, or they could be sent out three times a day? Now I wouldn’t recommend three times a day or even two really.

Personally, I am content with once or twice a week. I know I don’t like receiving all of that email, and so I try not to do it to anyone else. I have always liked AWeber for my email business. I believe they still charge $19 a month for up to a certain number of names on your list. After you go beyond that number the cost rises.

If you have a good responsive list you can be almost certain that whenever you send out email you are going to get some sales.

Remember, there are countless ways to make money online, and we have only touched briefly on three of them. As I progress through the various lessons and phases here at Wealthy Affiliate I’m sure we will touch on other ways of Making Money Online From Home.